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E-Blue Niveau EKM802BK Laptop Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Gentle and decent black, e-blue Niveau and Mayfek wireless combo is combined for various occasions. As a multifunctional wireless keyboard, its multimedia keys play a vital role in both office and entertainment. Multimedia operations can be done simply and easily. It is now combo with Mayfek whom has 2.4GHz wireless technology, they are both high efficient data transmission device which is what pro staffs need.

Ergonomic symmetric shaped and multi color ensures comfort glides and customization. Premium micro switch delivers distinctive tactile, glide it for style.
Slim and Portable
Niveau minipad and slim shaped delivers ultimate space saving and portability. The digits are laser carved which are high durable, slim sized so that there is no problem to type in any limited space.
Adjustable DPI
Process 800/1200/1600 adjustable dpi so that you could select the most fitting dpi level catering your needs by Mayfet. Mayfek adopts exclusive mechanic outlook and besides, practical dpi switch enhance your efficiency.
Enhanced Wireless Technology
You do not have to concern about the limitations of the connection wire any more, Niveau provide wireless transmission, utilize it as a pro and modern staff.
System Requirement: PC / Mac with USB port, Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / ME or Mac OS X


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